Get The Best Hair Wash Services From Hair Atelier
Salons nowadays offer many services to help people look beautiful and flawless. Whenever we get bored with our looks, we feel like having a good makeover. Be it a perfect haircut, hair styling like straightening or curling, or hair coloring, experienced professionals from top hair salon in KL like Hair Atelier is always helpful to satisfy your hair care needs. Hair styling is not the basic need of healthy hair, but a good wash, spa, hair scalp massage, and oiling is the right way to keep it lively.


When our hair is in a dire stage, like it may be over-bleached, dehydrated, frizzy, too thin, or completely unmanageable – we just conclude that our hair is damaged. But the most important thing is to find out the exact problem and go for proper treatment. In the salon, there are myriads of services to protect, volumize, and regain health of damaged hair.

Importance of hair wash


A pre-treatment shampoo serves to relax the customer. It will eventually remove all the dirt, and grease from the hair and the customer will feel light and fresh before starting any procedure.

While washing the hair, hair stylists will massage the scalp that will relax the mind, body and relieve fatigue.


Relieve stress

Having your scalp massaged with shampoo during washing can put you in a calm state that relaxes your muscles, which may lead to an optimal experience overall.

Clean pores

Over time your scalp naturally collects a buildup of product and oil, leading to clogged pores and even breakage from the root. In order to have a great head of hair it’s important to focus on your scalp health, so sometimes it is necessary to cleanse it of oil and buildup, allowing the pores to breathe freely.

Mild clarifying shampoo is great for occasional use to prevent hair fallout and other issues that arise from buildup. Just like the rest of the hair products, it’s important to find a prefect formula that will cleanse and nourish your strands while purifying the overall scalp and not stripping the hair of natural oils.


Reduce hair damage

Hair wash removes all the build up dust, dirt and oil for the hair, thereby reducing the hair damage and, making hair healthier.

The shampooing itself is a vital step in any kind of hair treatment process, and how this step is implemented can have a significant impact on the overall hair care experience. Washing hair improperly can also cause damage to the hair, and styling with such hair can result in leaving both the stylist and the client frustrated.

Hot stone massage

After hair wash, a hot stone is place on the neck & shoulder. The heat can help to relax the tight sore muscles and improve blood circulation.


Why Hair Atelier?

Hair Atelier provides a 5-star quality hair wash service with the help of experienced hair care professionals. Hair wash services are as follows -

● Relaxing through various scalp massage treatments to heal shoulder pains and relieve mental stresses.

● Expert hair stylists use proper products to soothe the skin of the sensitive, afflicted scalp.

● Shampoo with warm water and a light massage open the clogged pores of the scalp for healthier hair.

● Unhealthy scalp is often responsible for damaged hair. An expert professional examines your scalp to check for inflammation, redness, sores, or scarring. The hairstylist will use a professional scalp machine to looks closely at your scalp to determine overall health of the scalp & hair.

● Hot stone massage release heat which relaxes sore muscles.

You can always get a professional consultation from our team at Hair Atelier on tips to take care of your hair. Hair Atelier, best Muslimah-friendly salon and spa in Kuala Lumpur, provides a modern and cozy atmosphere catering to all kinds of haircuts, hair treatments, aromatherapy shoulder massages, hot stone aroma, scalp treatment, keratin treatment, hair color, hair relaxing, cool perms, hair services for adults & children, and rebonding in this hijabis-friendly hair salon.

With experienced and professional hair experts, Hair Atelier has been working successfully for many years. On the special occasion of MERDEKA & MSIA DAY, Hair Atelier offers a full range of hair and beauty services to all Malaysian clients. One huge part of hair and beauty service is the use of Aveda products and Shiseido Professional products, which are friendly for hair and scalp. Don't stress up to find a good salon; Hair Atelier can serve you the best. For more details, please do visit our official website


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Get The Best Perm From Hair Atelier
Beautiful hair is a never-ending craving for all genders. Desired hair boosts confidence and self-love. Good hair can really make a difference in how you deal with your personal and professional life. We are exposed to pollution day in and day out, which is affecting the health of our hair. Couple that with hormonal changes, aging, and the food habit—it can be a great deal to maintain healthy-looking hair />
Self-care is not selfish at all. Falling in love with taking care of yourself is a morale-boosting challenge one can take. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we often forget to think about our bodies, which perform relentlessly obeying the mind. Our bodies also demand a day off. This day can be devoted to a salon and spa treatments by the expert team. The greatest gift we can give our body is a little bit of our own attention. Sometimes all we need is a little more pampering to make us feel better.

In the hectic schedule of life when the time comes to present a gift to someone special, the best choice of gift is a relaxing self-time to someone you love, and make sure they have the most healthy hair from a good hair salons near me. You can always get a professional consultation from our team in Hair Atelier on tips to take care of your hair. Hair Atelier, best Muslimah-friendly salon and spa in Kuala Lumpur, provides a modern and cozy atmosphere catering to Muslimah women in all kinds of haircuts, hair treatments, aromatherapy shoulder massages, hot stone aroma, scalp treatment, keratin treatment, hair color, hair relaxing, cool perms, hair services for children, and rebonding in this hijabis-friendly hair salon.


Best enjoyed services of Hair Atelier

Hair coloring

Hair Atelier salon and spa always use AVEDA’s hair color to make their customers look more gorgeous and more confident. AVEDA provides PPD-free hair color. It has a reputation for providing pure, natural, and safe products. AVEDA’s hair colors contain a limited amount of chemicals and more natural ingredients than other hair colors. AVEDA’s hair colors do less damage to our hair that is why Hair Atelier applies these products to the customers.


If anyone is feeling depressed and doing out problems with hair fall and a boring look for a long time, he/she must go for a haircut. Cutting off an extra portion of hair strands can speed up recovering hair health. Many problems can be checked by a perfect haircut. To change the routine look, a haircut is the only solution. Expert professionals of Hair Atelier are ready to suggest and provide a suitable haircut for both genders.

Permanent Hair Curling

Every straight-haired girl dreams of having curly or wavy hair. A perm is a hairstyle trend that is done by setting the hair in waves or curls and then treating your hair with chemicals for a long-lasting look. These perms can create styles that women of every age group and every hair length can fascinate about. Getting your hair permanent solution will let you get rid of many daily problems, and can even put you in a mess. The most important advantage of perming your hair is that it brings your volume back and gives a beautiful shine to your hair with a completely new look. Also with curly hair, it’s easy to get ready in 10 minutes, which saves a lot of time and water as well.

Technique of perm

Perms work by using chemicals to change hair setup, either creating waves or curls. Traditionally, a stylist wraps hair in rods before putting perm lotion on to set the curl. But new formulas and techniques are giving perms a revival: Instead of using rods to curl your locks, stylists might use different types of equipment to help you catch the perfect wave by creating different types of curls, from spiral coils to wavy hair. After a perm, short, often-cut hair can last at least three to four months. Excessive heating shocks the hair and perm can lose from heat damage. After a perm for curly hair, products that are formulated specifically for curly or wavy hair should be used for hair for better results.

Types of Perms

Spiral Perm
Body Wave Perm
Spot Perm
Root Perm
Digital Perm
Volumizing Perm
Multi-Textured Perm
Stack Perm
Straight Perm

Hair Atelier offers a full range of hair and beauty services to all Malaysian clients. One huge part of hair and beauty service is the use of Aveda products, which are friendly for hair and skin. Don't stress up to find a good salon; Hair Atelier can serve you the best. For more details, please do visit our official website

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Pamper Your Superhero Father At Hairatelier This Father`s Day
A father is the first idol for his children; he is the best example of a superhero. A father’s love towards his children is selfless and priceless, to respect the hard work of a father we celebrate Father’s Day every year. It is true that deep inside a grown-up child, they never forget the amount of sacrifice a father makes in terms of raising his children. Though we do not need any special day to show our love towards them but still this Father’s Day, let’s surprise them with a little bit of pamper and care at Hair Atelier, the best Aveda hair salon, located in Danau Desa, Sri Petaling and Mytown.


Bored from following the same routine every day, a father deserves some amount of relaxation and peace of mind. These days, a father must make no compromise in terms of looks, so what better than rejuvenating the entire look and identity at Hair Atelier, the best Muslimah friendly salon in KL. Look no further and make no delay in visiting Hair Atelier, the best hair salon in KL for pampering your father this Father’s Day. A comfortable and pleasant hair salon where all dads can indulge in experiencing the best of hair wash and blow, hair color, haircuts, hot stone aroma, aromatherapy shoulder massages, intensive hair care treatment, intensive scalp treatment, spa retreat ceremony, various treatments for anti-hair loss and so much more.

At Hair Atelier we are always prepared and ready to appreciate the efforts of dads in making the family bond stronger day-by-day by pampering them with the best of the hair services in KL. Children may look this as a booster and a token of appreciation for their dads, for never losing their self-confidence. We feel that maintaining good looks not only just boosts the mental spirit but also brings in a lot of positivity in the personality of dads. Be it simple or flashy, we at Hair Atelier are constantly thriving to provide best of the services and stay ahead the industry. These days personalities are being judged by the outer looks of a person, so it becomes quite essential to maintain the overall appearance so as to create a huge impact on personal, social and professional lives. Moreover, we make you feel confident of yourself every single day and we also help you to make a statement with your personality.

You may make your reservation before to pamper your dad and have a fresh hairdo with our team at Hair Atelier this father’s day -

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This Mother’s Day Make Your Mother Feel Special By Pampering Her At Hair Atelier
In this mortal life, there are one relationship scores above every relationship when it comes to countless love and sacrifice. The very special and priceless relationship we are talking about is the relationship between a mother and her children. Mothers are the blessing of our lives, who always serve us with their selfless love, dedication, and devotion, who always keep us and our demands before themselves. Celebrating Mother’s day is a way to acknowledge the priceless presence of mothers all around the world. Though we do not need any particular day to show our love and affection to mothers, still this mother's day, let us do something special for our unsung superheroes. Make your mother feels special with a little bit of pampering and care, this mother’s day at Hair Atelier.

Every mother deserves some personal time to relax and unwind. What better way to look and feel your best than visiting a Muslimah-friendly salon in KL? Whether you want to get a new hair cut or touch up the roots, visit Hair Atelier for the ultimate pampering session! For those who are looking for Muslimah Aveda hair salon and Shiseido salon and the best hair salons in Petaling Jaya to pamper your mother this mother’s day look no further than Hair Atelier. A cozy beauty hair salon where all moms can indulge in aromatherapy shoulder massages, hot stone aroma, hair color, haircuts, wash and blow, intensive hair care, intensive scalp treatment, intensive hair treatment, keratin treatment for frizzy hair, hair rebonding, hair relaxing, cool perms, and so much more.

Here at Hair Atelier, we are prepared to pamper all the mothers out there, who are always sacrificing their lifestyle for the rest of the family members. Many mothers tend to lose their self-confidence. We believe good hair not only changes the outer look but also changes the entire personality. We at Hair Atelier, make a statement with your personality, be it cool or bold. As we believe self-love is really important, we make you feel confident about yourself every single day! Because we believe that our outer appearance impacts our overall personal, social and professional lives. Hair Atelier is one of the leading names in hair styling in Malaysia.

You may make your reservation before to pamper your mom and have a fresh hairdo with our team at Hair Atelier this mother’s day-

Our branches:
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Muslim-friendly salons in KL and PJ with exclusive private rooms
Every woman deserves some time to relax and unwind. What better way to look and feel your best than visiting a Muslimah-friendly salon in KL? Whether you're getting a new hair cut or touching up your roots, scroll down to know more about Hair Atelier for the best Muslimah salons in Kuala Lumpur for the ultimate pampering session!

For those who are looking for Muslimah Aveda hair salon and Shiseido salon, Hair Salon in KL, and the best hair salon in Petaling Jaya, make your way to Hair Atelier. A cozy beauty salon catering to Muslimah women, you can indulge in aromatherapy shoulder massages, hot stone aroma, scalp treatment, hair treatment, keratin treatment, hair color, and rebonding in our hijabis-friendly hair salon. While you're at it, get a new hair cut or upgrade your me-time with hair and scalp treatment at this hair salon.

Tastefully decorated with cosy chairs and an environment, the interior of the salon exudes an exclusive air to it. You won't see windows when entering the place, so the staff is very diligent in ensuring that the Muslim women who come here are able to take care of their aurah without any worries.

Their services include haircuts, wash and blow, intensive hair care, intensive scalp treatment, intensive hair treatment, keratin treatment for frizzy hair, hair rebonding, hair relaxing, cool perms, hair services for children, and more.

If you are looking for a Muslimah salon to unwind after a hectic week, check out the variety of packages they have to offer! The salon's interior was designed to provide the utmost comfort and privacy for their fellow customers.

You may make your reservation before or during the Ramadhan period to pamper yourself and have a fresh hairdo with our team at Hair Atelier.

Our branches :


“Build Back Better” Initiative
The ongoing COVID-19(SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has not only led to a dramatic loss of human life but also posed an unprecedented challenge to overall public health, food systems, and the economy, all around the globe. Malaysia too had been badly affected by the Covid 19 crisis. To curb the spread of the virus, the Malaysian government has declared a lockdown all over the country many times since the year 2020. This as a result has deeply impacted our everyday lives bringing in problems that became a little difficult to tackle.

However, with time, things are changing for the better. People are slowly adapting to the various new changes. During such uncertain and difficult times in order to help our fellow needy citizens of Malaysia in whatever little way possible, in conjunction with Malaysia Day, we via our “love in action” AKA “Build Back Better” CSR Initiative has brought together a great team of smart budding brands, that includes Hair Atelier, one of the top hair salon in KL (Kuala Lumpur), along with many entrepreneurs to provide a helping hand to people who truly needs it during such unprecedented times and “Build Back Better” Malaysia.

Our objectives behind this CSR activity, includes-

1.Providing food to all the people who cannot afford it with the help of a food bank.

2.Providing assistance in order to give jobs to all the eligible candidates through our internal networking and channels.

Providing free haircuts to all those who are badly affected by this pandemic.

Brands from five different sectors have come together for this noble cause. For self-development and personal growth service, Aspial, Forthamen, and Imagineer have come forward to help with this initiative. We have BMI as part of our collaboration, and are there to help citizens with any financial-related advice or service. Young citizens of Malaysia who are looking for various business and income opportunities or services can take help from Nanion, Care, and Farmskin under our initiative. If you want to have a makeover or wanna change your personal image, contact Hair Atelier, Key Ng, and Aveda for various personal styling services as part of this CSR program. Broadcare along with various other food banks are a part of our initiative to provide food supply and help the needy and hungry Malaysian citizens.

The above-mentioned assistance is based on a first come first serve basis along with certain “limit” and “terms and conditions” that have been set internally. As our tagline #GoThroughCovidTogether” suggests, we are open to-

● Malaysian citizens who have lost their job or their only source of income recently due to the ongoing covid 19 pandemic.

● Who live in the Klang Valley region only.

● In addition, all the applicants should also keep in mind that he or she must have completed their two doses of vaccination and there should be a gap period of 14 days between applying and the second vaccine dose.

The top hair salon in KL, Hair Atelier, is a well-known and award-winning Malaysian-based hair salon. They help you achieve your dream image in a relaxing environment. The salon has a unique culture where they serve you creatively, with excellence to make an impact on your personality and make you feel confident. You can contact, Hair Atelier at 0164701647. Also, visit the official website for more information-


Cool Hairstyles For Girls At The Best Hair Salon
During this weather is comfortable and lazy to work on our fashion sense and style statement. But do not get upset, with these latest hairstyle ideas, you can now easily go down the styling lane quickly and still manage to look great! Be it simple for a trendy event or party; Now you can sort with your looks. From simple and easy to cool and refreshing looks, these best hairstyles from the best hair salon in Petaling Jaya, Hair Atelier

Latest Hairstyles For Women In 2022

This beautiful custom to match the season is all about looking comfortable, sassy, yet pretty that can make you look alluring and protect your scalp and hair with harsh climatic conditions. They are easy to manage and can bring out the new gorgeous look seamlessly. Check out this list of trendy hairstyles, and you'll love them!


1. Long Braided

Cute pigtails and long braids are no match when it comes to young girls. It looks super stylish and cute and is quite comfortable to carry. If you are looking for easy hairstyles during this fall and winter, this can be a great idea. All you have to do is divide the hair into two sections and braid till the tail section.

2. High-Ponytail

This hairstyle has "Holiday Party" written all around it. The best part? It's super easy to recreate – just gather your hair tightly at the top of your head and secure it with a cute hair tie or scrunchie. By the way, a light hairspray will help keep your hair nice and smooth.

3. Textured Bangs and Bun

The hot temperatures often make hair dry and oily, brittle ends usually lead to breakage. Be sure to use a treatment, conditioner or mask that will add moisture and elasticity which is important when manipulating the texture of naturally frizzy and frizzy hair.

4. Ghost Layers

While not the norm in the dating world, exorcism is something you'll want to get from your stylist. The particular haircut was developed by Raman Garcia, a hairstylist from Beverly Hills, and involves cutting off excess length in the layers below without cutting too much off the total length of the hair.

5. Thick Curly Loose Hair

If you have nice curly wavy hair, this can be a good protective curly hairstyle for the season with nice comfy hair. Whether the weather is bad or cold, hair tends to break and become sticky at times. This type of look is undoubtedly going to add as a protective layer and will make your hair look stylish and trendy.

6. Wet Hair Look

As temperatures turns up and down, people are trading in their textured curls for a silky new look. Contrary to the wet hair trend, wet hair look doesn't actually look wet. Instead, think ultra-shiny, reflective hair that's full and soft to the touch. Its super-sleek appearance makes it reflect light like water (hence the name). The end result rests between stickstraight, flat-iron strands and a voluminous, salon-quality blowout.

7. Elegant and Elegant Medium Haircut

If you are a fan of classic and flashy looks, then we understand your preferences. Here is one such matching outline of the look for you! This straight hair polished look is quite cute and trendy with a contemporary style statement. It is easy to maintain, all you have to do is comb the hair well from both the sides and release it. We absolutely love the way it looks!

8. Olivia Culpo's Lobo

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't change your look. Refresh your hairstyle by recreating Olivia Culpo's trendy lob. Tuck your ends with a curling iron, and then create the illusion of bangs by rolling your hair into a deep left section across your forehead, securing it with a bobby pin or two.

9. Textured Curls

Adopt your natural curls for not only a trendy hairstyle, but one that will be less damaging. The hot, dry weather outside combined with the dry heat inside the house can take a toll on your hair, stripping it of moisture and shine. The less you can shampoo and heat style, the better, which is why this look is so great. Refresh your curls in between washes with a hydrating, curl-reviving product.

Hairatelier is an award-winning hair salon in Malaysia, the best hair salon in Petaling Jaya where you can get the latest hairstyles and the best salon experience. To know more details you can visit our official website-


Make Your Life Colorful with the Suitable Hair Color as per Your Personality
best hair salons near me for colours
Development and change are natural. Time after time whenever things happen in life, no matter how small or big it is, human beings get lessons from it, as the whole species is a great and quick learner. They use it, try it, and develop themselves. The same thing is appropriate for beauty. The more you develop yourself, you will meet a new version of yourself. Everyone is born beautiful, at the hair atelier we just add a ‘more’ with the word beauty. In today’s world personality is the keyword to make one shine. And sometimes it depends on the way we look, the way we present ourselves. Good hair is the key to our beauty. An inappropriate hair can destroy the whole look that we want to carry.

Self love and self pampering is important. You can’t feel confident until you start loving yourself. Coloring your hair can add a higher level to your fashionable look and can also increase your self-confidence. A suitable hair color has a power to add a magical charm to someone’s look and personality. It makes a person feel positive. Now people don’t need to search ‘best hair salon near me for color’. Here at the hair atelier, we try to boost up people’s personalities and mood by helping them to meet with the version of themselves, that they actually want to be. We help them to choose the perfect color that makes your hair gorgeous.

Basically, there are two types of processes for coloring hair. They are semi-permanent hair color, and permanent hair color. Semi-permanent hair colors last for 3 to 4 weeks. Then come the permanent hair colors, that last about 28 to 30 washes. 

Pick the right color

The hair shaft is the part that can be colored, not the root. Our hair shaft has three layers, cuticle, cortex, and medulla. After deciding to color the hair, people often get confused when it comes to choosing the right color for hair. They often can’t be able to decide the suitable color that can match their personality and also is not harmful to hair. Usually, they end up damaging their hair by choosing the wrong hair color. 

It is necessary to pick up the right hair color that won’t damage the hair. For that, we need to know that what type of color is not good for hair. Some hair colors contain too many chemicals such as, ammonia, which can be the cause of damaging someone’s hair. The PH (power of hydrogen) level of a normal hair is 4.5 to 5.5. Ammonia is an alkalizer gas. It can raise the PH level of our hair to 10 to 10.5. Ammonia is added to hair colors to deposit the color through the hair cuticle, which can lead to permanent hair damage. It can cause dry, brittle unhealthy hair. In fact, while using an ammonia-based hair color a person can feel irritation to the throat, nose, eyes, and respiratory system. Sometimes it can burn the skin also.

PPD (paraphenylenediamine) is a chemical substance that is used in hair colors. PPD generally gives the hair a natural look. Using a PPD based hair color can be the cause of cancer and mutagenicity (Transmissible changes in the structure of the material of cells). Sometimes people get allergic to its toxic nature. PPD can also damage the lysosomal membrane. 

The way to look gorgeous and have healthy hair at the same time is to use those types of hair colors, which are ammonia and PPD free and contain fewer chemicals. These types of hair colors are less damaging for hair.

At the hair atelier, we use AVEDA’s hair color to make you look more gorgeous and more confident. AVEDA provides PPD free hair color. It has a reputation for providing pure, natural, and safe products. AVEDA’s hair colors contain fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients than other hair colors. This means AVEDA’s hair colors make less damage to our hair. 

Our purpose is to realize your dream image in the most relaxing environment. We make a statement with your personality, be it cool or bold! Self-love is really important. We make you feel confident about yourself every single day! Because we truly believe that our appearance that impacts our personal, social, and professional lives. 29 years ago, a man with a vision founded his first hair salon in Taman Maluri, Cheras. From his humble beginnings, the success of his unique conceptualized salon spurred the establishment of five other salons and one training center in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Now Hair Atelier is one of the leading names in hair styling. The latest addition of their salon is in MyTOWN Mall. Hair Atelier group comprises a much sought-after team of creative stylists.


Transform Your Personality With The Best Hair Salon In Petaling Jaya
Having a haircut was considered as part of our self-hygiene routine but now having a proper hair cut with a relaxing spa experience is considered to be a part of the personality a person is having may it be a positive, a simple or a bold one. Having a good look is very important in developing a person's positive attitude. In this era of professionalism, having a professional look is very important as your first impression is your last impression. You may be a very highly knowledgeable person but you might get rejected or ignored at times because of your unprofessional looks. If you need a transformation and major changes in your looks, do visit Hair Atelier, the best hair salon in Petaling Jaya.

Hair Atelier is a full-service hair salon that was founded by award-winning hairstylist Aaron Yap. So, what exactly makes Hair Atelier, the best salon in Petaling Jaya and why exactly do you need to visit Hair Atelier?

1.Care for Customer is the Top-most Priority: - At these difficult times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, when the hairdressers are allowed to open their salon following a strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the government. Customer's personal safety has been the utmost priority for Hair Atelier and they have implemented Covid-19 protocols with topmost importance, which includes:

All hairdressers will be wearing masks, aprons and gloves before attending clients. These preventive gears are disposed of later on.

All clients are provided with a disposable apron and sanitised with hand sanitizer.

Regular temperature monitoring and other SOP protocols are followed regularly.

High-risk groups, like senior citizens and children, are given special attention and only

Contact minimisation by promoting cashless digital payment methods.

Full sanitization of the salon is done on daily basis.

2.Award-Winning Expert Hairstylists: - Everyone wants value for their money, experts here at Hair Atelier are highly trained experienced professionals who have been into this service for years and have received several awards for their excellent performance at work, hence you get a premium service and full value for your money.

3.The Best Products for your Skin and Hair: - Hair Atelier uses the best quality products for your hair and skin care. Hair Atelier has partnered with Shiseido Professional and Aveda which is an internationally recognized brand that produces the best quality shampoo, hair care products and skin care products that are environmentally conscious and wellness products. Shiseido Professional and Aveda shampoo is of top-notch quality making your hair stronger, shiny, softer and restricts hair fall. The Farmskin skin care products are naturally driven products, which helps you achieve glowing skin by removing dirt, acne and pimples and also a long-term solution for your oily or dry skin. Shiseido Professional and Aveda also makes personalized products according to your needs. Clients have loved and given very positive reviews using Shiseido Professional and Aveda products.

4.A Professional Consultation Team to Match Your Needs: - Hair Atelier also has a professional experts team whose work is to study your past details and data of service, study the nature of your skin or your hair and recommend you the service you require and also the products which will be best suitable for your hair and skin. Therefore, you get everything according to your need.

5.A Variety of Service Range Available: - From getting a professional or modern-day stylish haircut, a trendy one, a transformed look, a variety of services is available at Hair Atelier salon. You can get your haircut done, cleansing and finishing, hair coloring, permanent curling, straightening, hair treatment and also scalp treatment everything in one place.

You also have several options under these given services and that too at a very reasonable and pocket-friendly price. If you are looking forward to the best hairdresser in town, definitely visit Hair Atelier once and get a service worth remembering. To know more about Hair Atelier -


We Are Reopening With the Strict SOP Guidelines- New Normal Practice

This is very important in an establishment such as the Hair Atelier, which sees so many different people passing through every day. When searching for "the best hair salon and spa near me," make sure that they are following all the hygiene standards for SOP.

With all of this in mind, as a salon owner, it is crucial that excellent salon hygiene and good housekeeping within the business is at the forefront of the mind, not just for the team but also for the guests and clients to ensure that the business remains to operate efficiently and nobody’s health is put at risk. We are more than prepared when it comes to health and safety!  It is becoming more challenging for salons and hairdressers to meet all the stipulated guidelines from SOP to operate. This set of guidelines imposed by SOP has left many salons facing closure as they fail to comply with the standards. HairAtelier is one of the few salons that is well versed with all aspects of the new guidelines from SOP. We can conduct our business in line with all guidelines and are therefore not at risk of closure as many others around us are facing.  Our services extend beyond customer satisfaction, as we make sure our clients know that we care about them too – thus making us more trustworthy than most others. If you are looking for a great hair salon to get your hair done during this pandemic, then we are here.

We are delighted to announce that we’re now back in business with strict SOPs that need to abide by. Kindly check out our SOPs that are written below-

We are a safe, secure, and hygienic hair salon

The great news is that if you do decide to book an appointment for a hairstyle or highlights, we are not taking safety lightly. In addition to social distancing and extra hygiene in the salon, we are offering virtual consultations ahead of appointments to reduce exposure time. Virtual consultations have taken the guesswork out so we can be more prepared and efficient during the actual appointment.

Salon SOP

1. All customers must have completed two doses of vaccination & had passed 14 days.

2.  90% of our team members have completed the 2nd dose of vaccination & passed 14 days period, staff who has not completed the vaccination are not allowed to work at the moment.

3. Our entire premise, basins & seats have been thoroughly sanitized before & after. All seats will be at least one meter apart.

4. Our team will be equipped with PPE, mask, gloves & face shield appropriately at all times.

5. Customers will have to put on a disposable apron upon arrival.

6. All tools & towels will be kept in the sterilizing cabinet. 

( )

Upon arrival 

1. All customers must present their Covid-19 vaccination certificate of completion and profile status on MySejahtera, before entering our premises. (Completion of 2nd dose & has passed 14 days)

2. Customers must not take out their masks during the entire visit. 

3. We will disinfect customers before & after entering the salon.

Opening hours 

1. Hair Atelier is open from Monday to Sunday (Amaya, Danau Desa & PJ Jaya One closed on Tuesday), 10.30 am-8 pm.

2. To avoid SOP violation, we respectfully request all customers to not remain at our premises after 8 PM.

3. Reservation link will be stated here and we strongly encourage everyone to make an appointment before visiting. We reserve the right to turn down any group or individuals who do not abide by the following SOPs. 

We are one of the few salons that conduct business in Malaysia, who follow the guidelines set by the government. At HairAtelier we only use the highest quality of products and are dedicated to providing our clients with an experience that goes beyond expectations. To reflect a fine, accentuated, or elegant style, you need to visit HairAtelier. Our priorities go to the safety and well-being of you and our team – we want you to have peace of mind while you visit us. For more information visit our official website-


Importance of Visiting a Good Hair Salon More Often
Visiting good hair salons near me for a haircut, a blowout, or renewing your hair coloring can be more than just vanity, it can make a real impact on the way you feel! Are you thinking to change your current hairstyle or give yourself a luxurious treat? Whatever the purpose of your visit, hair salons have long been in the business of making you feel glamorous and beautiful. 
Who doesn’t love the way their hair feels and looks after leaving the hair salon? Reinventing yourself can always be amusing, most people changed their hairstyle because they were simply bored, while others transform the way their hair looks to turn over a new leaf or for a confidence boost. If you want to treat yourself, then you must visit a good hair salon. A little splurge for a professional blowout rather than DIYing it in your bathroom can make a special event feel a little more special and can boost confidence. Invest in yourself with a trip to the hair salon.

The beauty industry is expanding as more and more people prefer to look and feel great. Ladies and gentlemen who are concerned about their looks often visit professional hair and beauty salons to get new hair-dos or enjoy facials. Although some services may be a bit pricey, there are some popular benefits of visiting hair salons more often.


Benefits of visiting a good hair salon

New hairstyles

Taking good care of hair is practically one of the most difficult tasks which can’t be handled all alone. Even if you try doing it yourself, there are chances that you will never get the trick right. So seeking professional help at the salon can be the key to make things simple and get the desired results. Whether you want to get a new hairstyle or take advantage of great hair services, book an appointment at the hair salon of your choice.  

Quality beauty products

When you choose a professional hair salon, be rest assured that they will use top-of-the-line hair care and skin products. Many of these salons use their product line or natural products, which you can also use from the comfort of your home.

Relaxation and stress relief

When you book an appointment with your stylist at a salon, you are up for some relaxation and stress relief. A visit to a salon ensures a few hours of break from your mundane life and work pressure. To be candid, it will help you to decompress from busy schedules, client presentations, and all stress in your life. Even if you are going for a haircut and color treatment, the salon experience will help you unwind and the much-deserved me-time. A great stress buster indeed! 

Visiting a good hair salon can also be a retreat in a stressful or busy schedule. Many salons will please you and offer advice on how to keep your hair looking excellent even after you’ve left the salon. It’s time for simply you to be pampered, have you ever noticed how easing it is to get a shampoo and blowdry in a hair salon? You may also notice new haircare products that you love or that make a huge difference in the way your hair looks that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Expert styling will also last longer, so if you’re doing something more complicated, such as detailed hair highlights, you require a professional approach. You don’t want your hairstyle to look poor or clumsy.

One of the greatest causes to visit a hair salon is that a stylist will assist you to provide the best suggestions for the regular maintenance of your style and hair type. They can suggest the products, tools, and methods for obtaining the most fabulous look in your daily life. This will make your life easier because you will spend a shorter time bothering about your appearances and more enjoying your life with confidence. One should always expect to walk out with a beautiful hairstyle and knowledge of how to better care for hair and skin.

So, no more bad hair days now that you know what to look for. A good hair salon awaits you! Don’t be hesitant to try something different at your hair salon. It can do wonders for the way you feel about yourself and can be an excellent way to unwind after a stressful time. Whether you go for a blowout or a trim, let yourself be spoiled at the salon! Hairatelier is an award-winning hair salon in Malaysia, where you can get the latest hairstyles and the best salon experience. To know more details you can visit our official website-  

Award-Winning Hair Salon in Petaling Jaya
Founded in 1989 by award-winning hairstylist Aaron Yap, Hair Atelier is a full-service hair salon in Malaysia, perpetrated to consistently provide outstanding customer fulfillment by offering excellent personalized services, quality products, and friendly surroundings at an affordable cost. Aaron Yap and his team are also the appointed stylists for many social and fashion events in Klang Valley. 
Hair Atelier is now one of the superior names for hairstyling, spa, and treatments in Petaling Jaya. Our award-winning hair salon has one and the only purpose, it is to accomplish the vision of the client and assist each one of them. Hair Atelier’s organization and Aaron Yap believe in only one statement- Your dream, our passion!

Our award-winning team

Our creative team members are highly professional and specialized in their fields. Two of our talented team won the following prestigious award-


We strive to be the best hairstylist in Petaling Jaya and our ultimate aim is to ensure our clients leave our salon with a beauty treatment, hairstyle, or color they love!  We feel winning these awards is a sign of excellence and shows our clients that we are not just the best at what we do, but we also enjoy doing it. 

Why visit our award-winning hair salon in Petaling Jaya?

Our stylists are professionals and understand exactly what you need, so you’re in safe hands with us. Here, are the reasons why you need to visit our award-winning hair salon:
Spa pampering journey

Women prefer pampering themselves, and one way of doing it is by visiting our hair salon at Hair Atelier. We provide plenty of services to our clients, including body, hair, and skincare. The scheduling time at the spa for yourself can do more than enhance your physical appearance! Care and maintenance are highly important aspects of daily life, and further enhanced at the spa because they are provided by a professional. It is a perfect solution if you want to look good for a special day or enjoy a relaxing massage. At Hair Atelier, aside from the fact that you will feel and look great, the services available are real assistance to the well-being of your body and mind. 
One-to-one professional hair consultation

The foundation of a great hairstyle is consultation. Having a consultation before giving a client a haircut is crucial. It’s the foundation and sets the tone for the experience, gives the client confidence and the hairstylist direction. The consultation before your hair appointment is one part that can either make or break you. A good stylist requires assessing all the details about your hair and explaining to the client how they all factor into the haircut. The results are a great haircut and experience. At Hair Atelier we educate our clients about their hair as a significant part of the consultation.

Strict salon SOP

As the SOP guidelines permitted hair salons and hairdressers to open up their business, strict guidelines were imposed that all salons were to abide by to conduct business. Hair Atelier is one of the very few salons in Petaling Jaya, that cares for its clients and has taken the required guidelines with utmost seriousness.

Aroma sensory journey

At Hair Atelier, we offer more than just a haircut—you get an experience! Our salon is the center of transformation and haircare you'll find at no place else, but only at Hair Atelier. When it comes to excellent beauty products, we rely on Aveda and Shiseido to bring you the best. Beauty is so much more than a product and we love Shiseido Professional’s eternal promise to turn their concept into an example for environmental leadership around the world. We are a Shiseido Professional salon in Malaysia, here you automatically notice the aromas of nature and earth. Here you will feel rejuvenated, unwind, and refreshed. 

International well-known hair products

Our award-winning hair salon has access to top-notch hair product brands like Shiseido Professional, and we deliver our favourite line of formulas that you can use at home. One large part of our hair and beauty service is the use of Shiseido Professional products from top to toe. We use Shiseido Professional as our core products range giving our clients a preferred wellness choice while contributing a little to our environmental and social responsibility. At Hair Atelier, we use authentic and high-quality Shiseido Professional products for the treatments. High-caliber products allow you to continue to pamper yourself between visits to the salon.

Intouch Instyle services

Many of us have lots of responsibilities in life that we neglect to take care of our personal needs. If you want to take a break from your stressful schedule and experience a relaxing, stress-free, and rejuvenating time, you must visit our hair salon. Here at HairAtelier, we pamper you after your stressful day spent in the busy urban life- In Touch! As a professional hair salon, we specialize in elegant hairstyles for any special day, we make sure that you look your best- In Style! 

Cozy environment

Orderliness is paramount for any good salon. It should at least be well lit and tidy from the floors to the equipment and items used on you. You will feel more comfortable in a salon that shows a little effort from the side of the management. The environment should generally make you feel at ease and give the staff confidence as they work. At Hair Atelier you will feel very comfortable and relish our cozy environment. 

Our Achievements

What sets HairAtelier apart from the others? Together with his talented and creative team, Aaron has earned many local & foreign hairdressing awards. Recognition for his excellent reputation has to lead to interviews by major nationwide newspapers, appearances on TV such as NTV7 breakfast show and Nona, TV3 as well as numerous beauty magazines such as Marie Claire, Wanita, New Tide, Style, Women's Weekly, Citta Bella, h4u4me, etc.  Hair Atelier has won the SME Most Emerging Award, PAMM International Cosmetology Award and Best Production Hair Salon Award for having the best service and also using the best hair products. HairAtelier has won awards for three consecutive years for, Best Service Excellence Award - 2017/2018, Best Service Salon Quality Gold Award - 2018/2019, and Best Colors Award - 2019/2020. 

At the award-winning hair salon HairAtelier, our hairstylists are focused on helping you achieve the perfect look you’ve always wanted. This is why we listen closely to your beauty vision while providing the advice and expertise you need to make the best decisions. Our honesty helps us create the look you need to keep wowing everyone. Additionally, we also provide services that keep your hair fresh and healthy so that you can look good without sacrificing your well-being. If you are seeking elegance, sophistication, and beauty we can help you achieve this with some of the best hair professionals around. As much as we want to give you a look that wows the room, we’re also committed to providing your hair with healthy solutions, and we always care about the integrity of your hair. Whatever style you leave with you will step out of our doors with a brand-new look that satisfies you and a guaranteed smile on your face. For more information visit our official website

Find our Petaling Jaya salon here- 39G, Block C, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Jaya One Building, Petaling Jaya, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

New Hair Styles To Revamp Your Look In 2021
Whether you’re still dealing with the fallout of a failed hairstyle you tried over quarantine or you’re simply bored of your signature look, summer is the ideal time to get out of your haircut. The warmer climate has traditionally indicated lighter, smaller locks but this summer there’s a fresh class of bold and interesting new hairstyle 2021 trends taking over. Match the thrill of eventually striking for the fun part of your closet with an equally appealing hairstyle. The trendy looks for summer 2021 are chic enough to be matched with everything in your closet. As far as haircuts were concerned, a lot of models took the chop, from bangs to pixie cuts to bobs, although naturally, long hair had the biggest presence as a ubiquitous style. When it came to the summer 2021 hair colors, most models kept things natural, but we also saw some DIY hair dyeing opportunities with bleached hair and unusual colors. So, let’s dive in and go one by one over the summer 2021 hair trends! Here are 7 of the trendiest hairstyles to try for summer 2021.

1. Wavy shag

If you make one thing with your hair this summer, keep it wavy. The ultimate beach babe looks, the wavy shag allows you to keep your hair light and low maintenance making it perfect for a summer of socializing. This style seems best with about one-third of the strands ends being colored. For example, brown hair with a cinnamon accent, dark hair with a blue/lavender tone, or blonde hair with red/copper tones. 

2. Pixie Cut

With brighter days ahead and the hopeful re-emergence from lockdown, people will be eager to shed some weight in their hair. Short to medium Pixie cuts and bold colors will be on-trend. People will be delighted to debut platinum pink or turquoise blue, amongst some more natural hues.

3. The stacked bob

Thick hair, have no fear, the stacked bob hairstyle was made just for you! This flirty, amusing look plays up waves and curls without seeming too young. Stacked bobs are most suitable for thicker, stronger, or denser textures because they still give volume but take away some of the thickness in the back, creating a softer shape. With curly hair, we change the rules a little and add more layers than your regular bob to avoid a triangle pattern. 

4. The classic blunt bob

Blunt bobs are making a new trend for 2021. Everyone wants this look that is fun, sassy, and easy. Blunt bobs, aka traditional bobs, are best for straight, wavy, or fine hair because they give more volume and create a fuller shape without requiring layers. This look means business, but with the right stylist won't look too harsh. 

5. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are another 2020 hair trend you can continue to see more of in 2021. Not only are they super cute, but they also make way for a softer and more beautiful grow-out phase than traditional bangs, meaning you can go longer between trims. Apart from remaining low-maintenance as far as bangs go, the significant selling point of curtain bangs is that they take any hairstyle to the next level, from a messy bun to a smooth ponytail.  

6. Big chop

Summer is the perfect time to return to what feels natural, so if you’ve been considering doing a big chop, now is the time. Some think this is an important start over-and it is, it's also the ideal time to think of all of this new hair like a fresh canvas. It’s an opportunity to maintain and care for your scalp and keep your fresh hair nourished as you carry your new style!  

7. Asymmetrical curly bob

We are definitely loving curly bobs in 2021. With so many variants to choose from, this asymmetrical one caught our eye immediately. A tricky look to pull, this risky haircut is ideal for someone who is not scared to experiment.

Hair is a crucial aspect of your personality and should be properly taken care of. A good haircut can intensify your facial traits. The appropriate hairstyle can make you look younger, better, and prettier. Your hairstyle has a direct influence on your physical appearance. A new haircut can instantly transform the way you look. Also, it is vital to select the right hair salon and hairstylist for getting a new haircut. Only an acknowledged hairstylist can cut your hair in the right manner. Your hairstyle could really take years off. There are hairstyles such as bangs and bobs that can bring your youth back. On the other hand, the wrong haircuts and hairstyles can make you look older. Therefore, it is very much crucial to pick your hairstyle wisely. Hairatelier is an award-winning hair salon in Malaysia, where you can get the new hairstyle of 2021 and the best salon experience. To know more details you can visit our official website.

Why We Are A Leading Aveda Hair Salon In Malaysia
At HairAtelier, we offer a full range of hair and beauty services to all our Malaysian clients. One huge part of our hair and beauty service is the use of Aveda products. HairAtelier, founded in 1989 by award-winning hairstylist, Aaron Yap, is a full-service beauty salon and an official Aveda partner, committed to the constant delivery of outstanding client satisfaction by offering excellent personalized services, quality products, and a relaxing atmosphere at an affordable price. We use Aveda as our core products range providing our guests a preferred wellness choice while contributing a little to our environmental and social responsibility. At HairAtelier, we use authentic and high-quality Aveda products for the treatments. We not just use them but also sell them as well at our salon and online! Here we explain why we love all things Aveda and why we are a leading Aveda hair salon in Malaysia. 

About Aveda

Aveda is a much-loved global brand that began its journey by making one shampoo with the ethos of using products that were naturally sourced and kind to our planet. Now they produce hair and skin products that comprise at least 99 percent natural products. Aveda believes that nature is the greatest beauty artist of all, and they intend to use naturally derived ingredients whenever possible. They use plants and flowers to produce products that produce powerful results and beautiful colored hair. The Aveda hair products also help to reduce hair damage, intensify the strength and well-being of your hair, and add a lovely shine. 

Why we use Aveda products in our salon?

At Hairatelier, we want every day to be your best hair day, which is why we only partner with brands that take a holistic approach to hair care. Aveda is an internationally recognized brand that specializes in environmentally-conscious beauty and wellness products. By using nature-based ingredients, Aveda is capable to help restore your hair from within, leaving it stronger, softer, and shinier. Aveda is such a natural choice for us here at Hairatelier, as the brand echoes our own core values. It is an acknowledged, ethical, and environmentally friendly product. Aveda connects beauty to the environment and then back to us here at the salon. Aveda has such a huge following for very good reasons, and we are proud to embrace their brand. Aveda is best known for its moral ethos and approach to beauty. All Aveda products are produced with 100 percent recyclable packaging and every product is made with 100 percent certified wind power. They truly are a leading pioneer of green beauty products. The other good news is that none of their products are tested on animals. Aveda’s unique flower and plant-based systems have garnered worldwide recognition, which is why we are proud to be an Aveda hair salon at Hairatelier. We strive to bring the benefits of this globally recognized brand to our clients in Malaysia, to help them achieve the healthy and beautiful hair they’ve been dreaming of.

We give all our clients the complete Aveda experience. We provide a team approach to all of our clients that is truly personalized. We provide a bespoke method, no matter if we are using Aveda products on your hair, or as part of skin facial. We also give skin and beauty advice on how to best use Aveda products within your own home. Aveda is one of the hairdressing industry’s leading brands recognized for its moral approach and ethos. Hairatelier hair salon is the premier location to fully experience the Aveda brand in its fullness. We use only naturally derived, ethically sourced Aveda professional products at Hairatelier in Malaysia and because beauty is inescapably linked to well-being, you’ll experience one of our signature, stress-relieving massage routines, designed to unwind and rejuvenate. We want you to leave us looking and feeling great, but we also want to keep you looking good between visits, your stylist will suggest a system of professional products to cleanse, condition, treat and style your hair based on your hair texture, density, condition, and the desired result.  

Our dedicated team has advanced expertise pairing clients with the best Aveda products for their unique requirements. Whether your hair is lacking volume, is extremely frizzy, or is in desperate need of repair, our hairstylists can help you find the ideal product for your needs. Located in Malaysia, Hairatelier offers specialist Aveda hair and skin products that will make you look and feel wonderful. You’ll also be happy knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment. We are sure that you will fall in love with the Aveda experience, which is why we are proud to sell Aveda products. Many of these products work as part of a system, providing you the power to treat your hair right from home. With regular use, Aveda has been shown to significantly improve the appearance of hair, smoothen frizz, repair damage, and give it more volume. To acquire more about any of our beauty or hair services, or to book a consultation, then please do get in touch with us today. For further information visit our official website. 

Things You Should Know Before Going to the Hair Salon
When it comes to changing our hairstyle or color, most of us have a very specific look in mind. Something as temporary as a haircut or color can affect you in a very strong way. It may turn your bad hair days into the best one you've ever seen, and, it can also make you a lot more self-confident and empowered. However, if your hair cut or color goes wrong, well, it could leave you very upset! What most people don't understand is that we, ourselves, can make the hair change process way more risk-free with a few simple basics. A visit to the hairdresser might seem like a pretty normal thing that you’ve done many times earlier, but there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Whether you’re going for a haircut, a color or you need some guidance about styling or the condition of your hair, so to aid you to avoid a meltdown, we've put together 5 pro tips you should know before going to the hair salon.

1. Understand your face shape and hair texture

What many of us don’t understand is that the face shape and hair type dramatically affect which cuts and styles will be suitable for us. Once you know if you have an oval, circle, square, or heart-shaped face, you can easily figure out what suits you best. The best way to understand your face shape by looking at your jawline. Once you know your face shape you will then understand which hairstyles are suitable for you. While many hairdressers are trained in understanding how a haircut can flatter the face, it is also their job to deliver the style the client is after, and so understanding what suits you yourself will help you ensure you never end up with a flattering haircut. It is also useful to know your hair texture as it plays an important role in the hair look you want to achieve. 

2. Consider your lifestyle

Your hairstyle is another thing that represents who you are and what you do. If you live a very busy life and know you won't actually have time to do your hair, then consider a look that's low maintenance. Consider a style that can make you look good from simply a hair wash and rinse. When you are thinking about a new cut or color, you must think about your current lifestyle, and whether you’d be able to take on a cut that needs more maintenance and care. It’s always worth having a think about this beforehand and having a discussion with your hairdresser about what you can and can’t manage.

3. Book a consultation

If you are still unsure about which hairstyle will be suitable for you, then schedule a consultation with your hairstylist. When you're having your consultation, your stylist will be looking at your hair if it's dry. Therefore, make sure to wash your hair so there's not a lot of product in your hair and that it's detangled. Nevertheless, if you're getting your color done, stylists suggest coming in with your hair unwashed as it will help protect your scalp from the chemical products you're putting in your hair. When you’re thinking about a new hairstyle or color it is always worth booking a consultation to discuss your plans with a professional before taking the plunge. When you go to your appointment, take with you some photos of the style you want to get. That way your stylist can determine if the haircut or color would work for your hair texture and face shape. Moreover, ask about the care and upkeep of the hairstyle to know if it would match your lifestyle. 

4. Make sure you're actually ready for a new hairstyle

If you're going to the hair salon just for a trim or touch-up, it's not a huge commitment. But, if you're chopping off 12 inches of your hair for the first time, there's no going back. Make sure to think about your new hairstyle before you make an impulsive decision. 

5. Try to be as truthful as possible

When your hairstylist asks about your hair, be honest about what you have used and use daily. For example, if you have used a boxed hair dye or have chemically straightened your hair. This will determine how strong of a dye product your hairstylist will be applying for your color. If you don’t be honest and say your hair is virgin hair, there's a chance of undesired results occurring. It is possible that the look you wanted might not be achievable, and so your hairdresser may recommend some choices. Think about what would be acceptable and what you would want to avoid beforehand so that you can be honest about any suggestions you don’t think will work for you.

Getting a new hairstyle doesn't have to be a game of risk when you provide your hairstylist with a variety of information to describe the look you want to achieve. Clear communication is important to a successful hair salon visit. This will make you and your hairstylist feel confident in the hair process. So for your next hair appointment, make sure to consider these basic tips before visiting the salon. HairAtelier is an award-winning hair salon, barber nearby KL, we provide you with the most suitable hairstyles with immeasurable care of your hair because you can not style your hair if it is not healthy or damaged. To know more about us please visit our website

Top 5 Tips For Finding The Best Hair Salon
What are the trademarks of the best hair salons? A pleasant atmosphere, well-trained team, and stylists who have excellent hairstyles themselves. Every profession has its secrets and hair salons are no exception. Finding the best hair salon can be quite a challenge. Your main goal in picking one should be getting access to skilled hairdressers who keep up with all the latest trends! You want to have a positive experience that inspires assurance, from the minute you visit the salon to the few moments your stylist spends guiding you to represent your new hairstyle at home. Here are the top five things to keep in mind when looking for a hair salon that is not only trendy but will stand the test of time.

1. Recommendations

Friends and colleagues are an excellent source of information about the best award-winning hair salon locations in town. Look around at the workplace or when out with friends and when you see a style you like, ask where it was done. You could also do the rounds of the various hair salons close to you or check out the salons in the trendiest neighborhoods. Remember that the hairstyles the stylists themselves are wearing are a good sign of their colleagues’ talents! 

2. The atmosphere

Many different criteria can be considered when looking for the best hair salon, starting with the atmosphere. A visit to the hairdressers is a good opportunity to take care of yourself. And because it’s not always simple to take a break from your busy schedule, your salon break has to be pleasant.

Look for a salon where you feel at comfort as soon as you arrive. A friendly welcome, a short waiting time, and pleasant surroundings can make all the difference.

3. Available services

Take into account the different services available. Some salons specialize in coloring or blow-outs and styling. So, the best hair salon for you is the one where the stylists can meet all your expectations, depending on your hair type and your style. Pay particular attention to what services are on offer when you want to transform your hairstyle. For a prosperous makeover, it’s important to commit your head to a specialist who’s done that kind of job before. Some salons give other complementary services on site. You might want to pick a spot where you can also get your makeup done, or a manicure, massage, or body hair removal. Likewise, if the availability of these services isn’t a guarantee of overall perfection, it can be very practical to find all of them under the same roof.

4. The little extras

Nothing beats the little extras. The best hair salons offer comfy couches and coffee or a glass of wine, along with new journals and hairstyle magazines. Those plusses turn your outing into a true treat that you can look ahead to during a hectic week.

5. Lots of clients

For better or for worse, the best hair salons are usually very busy. So once you discover your ideal spot, you’ll probably have to call well in advance to make an appointment. But you know that it will be well worth the wait!   

Whether you go in for a new hair cut and color or a quick wash and blow-wave, you can experience services provided by professionals who have trained and studied in their field for many years before then obtaining significant experience. Professional stylists know which procedures will work on your hair to compliment you and suit your needs. They stay on top of new processes that keep you looking great and they have great background experience on which products will work wonders on different hair-types. At Hairatelier the award-winning salon in Malaysia, our stylists are also encouraged to advance with their training so that they are up-to-date on beauty and wellness standards, products, equipment, and procedures. Scheduling a professional hair appointment guarantees a bit of pampering planned for you. You can sit back in a luxury salon chair and take a break from your routine while you decompress from work and other stresses in life. At Hairatelier we have access to the best hair products that aren’t available in other salons. These products are created using researched formulas that allow you to maintain salon-quality hair from your own home. Hairatelier is an award-winning hair salon in Malaysia, where you can get the best salon experience. To know more details you can visit our official website-
Top characteristics a good hair salon needs to have
A hairstylist is a professional we trust when it comes to styling our hair. Some people may think that hairstyles are easy to do, but when you really try to hold the scissors in your hand, you will realize that it is not a piece of cake. It is indeed a difficult task to present one's grandeur in fashion in order to look your best. But along with this, you need a good hair salon to succeed in this business industry. There are certain characteristics you need to acquire to be a referred to as a good hair salon in KL and today, we are here to help with top features a hair salon in KL must have to be successful: 

1. Every Client Is Special

Keeping a customer’s happiness involves more than a good haircut or other services. By focusing on customers every time and making them feel special, you ensure repeated visits and word of mouth compliments that can bring in new customers. 

2. Embrace Technology

It is important to maintain technology in any business. Instead of using old-fashioned techniques, software geared salons can make a business run smoothly. From scheduling and marketing to sending automated emails with specials, there is a technology that can take a salon to the next level. New technology can be a welcome addition to marketing your salon.

3. Keep it Clean

Customers see the hygiene of a business as part of the reason they go there. Dirty bathrooms, hair on the floor and untoward shows that the salon is not as professional as it should be. The salon should be kept in impeccable condition, and the same applies to hairdressers. Sloppy attire and unwanted hair can inspire a client look for a new salon.

4. Kindness and Sociability

Being truly kind, its more than greeting your clients with a smile and giving another a way out the door. A salon is an interactive and social environment, and stylists really need to enhance close relationships with their customers. Among the treasures of the best hair salons are loyalty, and loyal customers who feel appreciated and valued. The salon experience is fun, engaging and relaxing. Most people like to visit a salon where stylists and clients are actually engaged. Even the professionals are much more motivated to do a good job when they care about their customers.

5. Talented Stylists

The best hair salons require a stylist with exceptional technical skills. At the end of the day, this is the bottom line: salon providing a top-notch haircut, hairstyle or hair care techniques. Given this, every stylist has their own specialty, crimps or colours or waves. But a customer desires a quality cut regardless of style. If every stylist is truly talented - with no weak links - it shows that the salon only accepts the best of the best. Just like at HairAtletier, where our team consists of award-winning professionals. It shows that the salon is actively striving for greatness, rather than settling for whoever walks in the door. 

6. Keep an Eye on Growth Indicators

The amount of revenue coming to the salon every month is not the only one indicator of a successful business. Salon owners also need to focus on the number of new customers who start coming to the salon and whether they make return trips or not. Other indicators of business growth include the average amount of time a salon spends and how often customers come for appointments. 

7. Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities

Salons with an emphasis on education perform better financially than those. In fact, some salons pay their employees to take continuing education courses. In addition, some regularly set aside little time to help new employees, and others brought in outside talent to share time and train employees on new trends and techniques. This is not only a positive step for stylists working there, but it also provides a valuable perk to retain talented employees. 

8. Ease of Access

If you are looking for the best hair salon, many of them are going to be very busy. However, salons should strive to be as efficient and accessible as possible. Some salons do not have an online reservation system, never answer the phone, and are not organized when handling all their reservations and walk-ins. Customers want the process to be streamlined, and too much trouble and people will quickly google another salon. 

Remember that you need to be a sociable person to maintain a loyal customer base and to become a successful hairstylist. You have to treat your customers in a friendly manner to ensure that they will return to your hair salon and recommend it to your friends for hairstyling needs. Hair Atelier is one of the most popular hair salons in KL. We are currently available in three locations, the latest addition being at Jaya One Mall. Our team consists of sought-after creative stylists. You can make your booking directly at 
Why choose Aveda Hair Salon in Malaysia?
Aveda believes that nature is the greatest beauty artist of all, and they aim to use naturally derived elements whenever possible. They use plants and flowers to produce products that deliver powerful results and beautiful colored hair. The Aveda hair products also help to decrease hair damage, enhance the strength and health of your hair, and add a beautiful shine. Aveda is a reputable brand that adds value to your salon and spa. Aveda is a range of high-performance professional products based on advanced botanical science and aromaology. When it comes to great beauty products, we’re preferring Aveda products. Beauty is so much more than a product and we love Aveda’s eternal promise to turn their concept into an example for environmental leadership around the world. You should visit HairAtelier, the best Aveda hair salon in Malaysia that can provide you with all the services that you need, at reasonable prices. 

Why choose HairAtelier as your Aveda salon?

Aveda is a reputable brand that produces high-quality, botanically based beauty products, like hair products, skincare, and makeup. The brand partners with hundreds of salons that sell and use Aveda products exclusively and HairAtelier is one of them! HairAtelier, founded in 1989 by award-winning hairstylist, Aaron Yap, is a full-service beauty salon and an official Aveda partner, committed to the consistent delivery of excellent client satisfaction by offering excellent personalized services, quality products, and a pleasant atmosphere at an affordable price. At HairAtelier, we use authentic and high-quality Aveda products for the treatments. We not only use them but also sell them as well at our salon and online! 

Going beyond the experience and expertise of our talented stylists, the Aveda brand and mission is something that everyone can appreciate. Through their holistic approach to natural beauty, their commitment to the environment, and giving back, it’s no secret why Aveda hair salons have become so famous around the world. HairAtelier in Malaysia is proud to be an Aveda hair salon and support its mission. Many high-profile clients, actors, corporate administrators, and artists are very much searching for Aaron Yap and his team. For the best services, HairAtelier won the Aveda Excellent Services Excellence Award in 2017-2019. We aspire to be the best at what we do at the exclusive Aveda salon in Malaysia, and we are happy that our experience in the hair industry is constantly being recognized. 

Why should you choose Aveda?

Aveda hair products now consist of a bigger and more extensive product range than ever before. Ranging from professional color treatments to soothing and smoothing creams. Founded in 1978, today the Aveda brand boasts many specialist salons, and here are the top five reasons why Aveda is simply the best.

1. Aveda products are produced from pure flower and plant essences

Aveda’s products are free from sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, or parabens. Phthalates are industrial chemicals. The Aveda hair care products are chemical-free, no artificial colors and no laboratory created fragrances are used, yet these hair product solutions are so powerful that Aveda calls them prescriptions. When you visit HairAtelier, the Aveda exclusive salon in Malaysia, you automatically notice the aromas of nature and earth. While using Aveda products or visiting a salon, you will feel rejuvenated, unwind, and refreshed.

2. Aveda products are nature friendly and good for your hair

Aveda believes that in our effort to appear beautiful through efficient products that the environment should always be acknowledged. They believe in respect for the world, as well as in caring about current issues such as world water shortages. Aveda fully commits to remaining an environmentally friendly brand. Since Aveda uses natural elements to produce its products, no harsh chemicals are being released into the earth. It is also cruelty-free, with no experiment on animals, ever!

3. Aveda products benefit from professional input

Expert advice and styling tips right from the specialists will always make the most out of the styling and hair care products. With Aveda salons and spas that feature throughout the world coupled with the powers of Aveda products, women can expect to find the complete solution to make their hair appear amazing regardless of type, thickness, or texture. Our professional treatments at HairAtelier may just become your favorite part of salon appointments, from here on in. An innovative, plant-powered salon service and treatment take your hair to the next level by transforming it from the inside out, forming new bonds to support, strengthen, and repair three key layers of hair. 

4. Complete clarity with product design and packaging

The cosmetics industry, similarly to any other beauty industry, is often criticized for taking advantage of workers and animals. For this reason, Aveda believes in complete clarity as to how their products are produced and are proud to provide complete information as to how the raw material farmers are treated and how their respective communities are benefitting from Aveda’s financial investment. From the ingredients used in the products to the manufacturing process, packaging, and beyond, Aveda’s commitment to the environment is unmatched in the beauty industry. 

5. The Aveda product range is the complete resolution for all hair type and hair problems

Suffer from dull hair and need volume? Have super long locks, but suffer from frizz? For every hair type and each obstacle, there is an Aveda product to suit; especially, these products can gracefully defeat- frizz, moisture, and dullness and can sculpt styles into strongly held and beautiful looking updos. 

We can assure you that HairAtelier is the best Aveda hair salon in Malaysia and the Aveda products are the most beneficial for your mind, body, and the world around us! Schedule your appointment at HairAtelier today to see for yourself! Our talented stylists are continually trained in the latest techniques and trends for hair. We give a full range of men’s and women’s hair services, including cuts, colors, styling, and beyond. Hairatelier MyTown, Aveda Exclusive Salon, from head to toe leisure, luxury accommodation in a bustling shopping mall. Aveda hair & scalp care products are exclusively available from free routines to personal touch from our acknowledged stylist & scalp therapist. To know more information about us please visit our official website. 
Why is the Shiseido Professional hair shielding treatment the best?
Here's a question that arises, when was the last time you took care of yourself? Most of us generally think of self-care as something that should be done occasionally, taking some time out of our busy lives for wellness retreats, pampering our skin with beauty treatments, and wiping out tense muscle knots with soothing massages! However, we all may be held guilty of being too concentrated on taking care of our faces that we overlook the fact that our hair also requires the same attention and care. We don't think of treating our hair well every day to make it more sustainable in the long run. We also neglect the fact that our hair comes in contact with pollution daily. Imagine feeling dirt on your skin for a month or two weeks before receiving a thorough scrub - not quite an efficient way to take care of yourself, is it? Regardless of the hair length, if they're well-groomed, they look beautiful. Shielding is one of the techniques that help you to enhance the beauty of hair. 

So, what is hair shielding? 

Hair shielding enhances your hair by smoothening the overall appearance and making the hair stronger. The components used in preparation for the shielding treatment lead to developing a special "film" on the hair. It completely covers the hair shaft, giving it a visually attractive shine. This technique is also suitable for women who have issues combing their hair. Shielding also softens the frizz from your hair. It helps protect your hair from the adverse effects of pollution and dirt, including the harmful effects of hot weather, wind, and intense sunlight. Hair-care experts point out that this treatment has a cumulative effect. If you do shielding a few times, then the hair will look a lot better.

Why is Shiseido Professional the best? 

Shiseido Professional Sublimic Wonder Shield is a hair protection product that can be used every seven days. It protects the hair against heat, humidity, and environmental contaminants while making it smooth, sleek, and silky! This Shiseido product makes your hair appear like you just got out of the salon! Since the solution is hydrophobic, be ensured that it would prevent the hair from absorbing extra water while you shampoo it, so each strand’s moisture level is just perfect. It's also supposed to prolong your hair color’s life. Simultaneously, Shiseido Professional Sublimic Wonder Shield defends the hair from chlorine and boosts in-salon hair treatment results.

The great thing is that there is a glamorous and simple way to take care of yourself so that every stressful day of work can still be a good day- the SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL SUBLIMIC hair care collection. The SUBLIMIC product range is formulated with Shiseido Professional's cutting edge technology developed especially for the treatment of Asian hair that is seriously affected by pollutants that we do not worry about. Besides technology that keeps the hair and scalp healthy, Shiseido Professional salon has also enriched customer experience with their Uplifting Aroma and Holistic Experiences. Those are the scents that have been tried and tested in clinical trials to make customers happy and feel positive because you're taking care of your mental health while you handle your hair correctly.

The Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Shield Hair Treatment is best for damaged hair and outstanding hair treatment to be used every week at home. It maintains the hydrophobic shielding effect of the hair surface that gradually wears off after using other products.

Even though you can try the Shiseido Professional products at home, the best way to get the hair shielding treatment done is by visiting a reputable hair salon. A professional and experienced hair expert would guide you better and treat your hair with utmost care. So, if you're looking for a Shiseido Professional Salon near you, try Hair Atelier. Hair Atelier is an award-winning hair salon in Malaysia; here, we offer the best hairstyles to suit your look. We promise you hair care, unlike anything else you've ever seen before. We use unique procedures to obtain outstanding results for the hair. We remain on top of all beauty industry updates- their ever-changing standards, processes, and trends. To know more, visit our official website-

Permanent Hair Straightening- Pros and Cons by Hair Salon Experts

Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that has been used since the 1890s to flatten and straighten hair to give it a smooth, streamlined look. It has become very popular among men and women of all castes since 1950s. This is accomplished using a ion machine, softener products, and neutraliser to maintain the hair in position. This process is often called "rebonding" in some countries in South-East Asia. Usually there are two types of hair straightening techniques- temporary and permanent hair straightening. Both techniques are widely used to give your hair that sleek effect. Although, both have their pros and cons, today, we are here to discuss the pros and cons of permanent hair straightening. It is best to get this process done by hair experts. So, if you are looking to revamp your look, one of the best and most preferable salons in South east Asia is Hair Atelier. How do you search for us? Just search “good hair salons near me.”


1.Temporary (non-chemical treatment)

2.Permanent (chemical treatment)

Rebonding and other methods permanently change hair structure, although new hair growth is not affected. Rebonding chemically breaks down natural bonds in the hair and re-arranges them to form new bonds for straight hair. In short, it is a permanent procedure that breaks the natural cell structure of your hair and re-structures it.


The hair salon near me is the reasonable and top options to get permanent straight results, and is the least time consuming. Typically, soft rebonding treatments can last for about six to seven months. Having said that, this may vary depending on every individual's hair care routine and hair growth cycle. Hence, many hairstylists would recommend going for a touch up every three to six months to maintain those silky locks. Japanese hair straightening claims to leave your hair pin-straight and easy to maintain. Many people prefer the sleek and simple look of hair that hangs straight without any extra maintenance. The results are long-lasting, with hair generally remaining straight until new hair appears. Temporary straightening is that it looks natural, have volume and you can get your normal hair back in the next wash.


Ion rebonding work by changing your hair follicles, so that they do not hold on their natural shape. Split ends, breakage and hair loss can occur. After obtaining a rebonding process, you’re not advised to do color or otherwise modify your hair. Ion straightener process takes hours to complete. People who get this type of hair straight are sometimes difficult to stop, and need touch-ups several times a year. As heat damages your hair, you should use heat protect-ant spray.

Address & contact details


Phone no. :03 - 9281 8848

Address: 1-21, Jalan Jejaka 2, Maluri, 55100 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Timings: Open daily 10.30am - 8pm, except Tuesday

2)Jaya One

Phone no. :03 - 7955 7848

Address: 39G, Block C, Jaya One, Jalan University, Jaya One Building, Petaling Jaya, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Timings: Open Daily 10.30a.m - 8p.m, except Tuesday

3)Danau Desa

Phone no. :03 - 7983 3848

Address: 17, Jalan 2/109F, Plaza Danau 2, Taman Danau Desa 58100 kuala lumpur.

Timings: Open Daily 10.30a.m - 8p.m, except Tuesday

4)Sri Petaling

Phone no. :03 - 9055 3980

Address: 91, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Timings: Open Daily 10.30a.m - 8p.m, except Tuesday

3)MyTOWN Cheras

Phone no. :03 - 92029948

Address: Lot No. L2-058, Level 2, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, No 6, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Timings: Open Daily 10.30a.m - 10p.m

HairAtelier is the best hair salon in Malaysia if you are looking for the good hair salon near me. To know more visit our official website.

HairAtelier Handling the SOP Guidelines Like a Pro
As the new SOP guidelines permitted hair salons and hairdressers to open up their business, strict guidelines were imposed that all salons were to abide by to conduct business. Hair Atelier is one of the very few salons in KL, that cares for its clients and has taken the imposed guidelines with utmost seriousness.

Reliable, secure, successful- welcome to the new normal

It needs passion and dedication to reopen the hair salon, and we’ve got it in spades. Hair Salon owners will also have to adhere to strict new health and safety restrictions, have complex messages to interact with customers and handle a new way of interacting with their teams. Here at HairAtelier, we are following the full salon reopening guidelines and we are back in the business for our customers.

The post-COVID-19 protocols that we are implementing at our hair salon

Hair salons must be subject to strict SOPs and guidelines to continue services. In the meantime, Malaysians who have grown their hair will finally have their hair cut professionally again. SOPs would have to be placed for specific services such as hair cutting, hair washing, hair extensions, and hair care. HairAtelier, the hair salon in Malaysia, handling the SOP guidelines with the clients’ safety like a pro! We already had SOP preparation for all employees before the salon was reopened. Adapting to the 'new normal' and taking care of strict do's and don'ts, we routinely conduct complete sanitization and deep cleaning. We have equipped each staff member with personal protective gear. We hold regular temperature checks for all customers and employees, plus we also review each customer's travel statement before providing any services. We do not allow customers to enter without face masks and follow social distances where we have adapted to distance service spots and limit appointments online. To do this, we have started an online system to send appointment requests directly. We have also made arrangements for single-use items such as bottles of water, gloves, napkins, service accessories, towels, linen, headbands, etc., and their proper disposal.

• Every hairdresser near me will wear a face mask, apron, and gloves before attending any client. Such preventive products will be disposed of properly.

• Here at HairAtelier, we will also provide our clients with a disposable apron that can either be thrown away or retained for re-use by the client later.

• High-risk groups, such as senior citizens aged 60 and over or children aged 12 and under, must have a previous hair salon appointment. At this time, no other client can be present when such services are offered to high-risk groups.

• Other than that, we'll also do the daily SOP of temperature monitoring, recording client data, and providing hand sanitizer.

• To minimize contact between people, we are starting to use technology for tasks like digital payment processes that used to be done manually. It makes things easier for both clients and the hair salon.
Protective gear, temperature checks, by-appointment service in place

The COVID-19 pandemic has led people to talk about a whole new hair salon experience, due to a growing consciousness of hygiene and cross-contamination. Social media have already shown how salons adapt to a new norm_ head-to-toe plastic suits, constant disinfecting, and crowd control. The re-standardization of hygiene and salon capacity will be a change in the seismic industry. There are three main areas in which changes are reflecting: procedural (introducing strict standard operating procedures), technical (so there is little to no touch), innovation-led (new tools designed to decrease infection). Before visiting the hair salon, pre-booking is necessary so that the area is sanitized as entirely as possible. The salon can send an online questionnaire for the client to fill out, asking if they have recently been sick or around people who have been ill. Some of the expected changes include space-out appointments without walk-ins, a health history review of both the client and the hairdresser, contactless e-payment of bills, repeated hand-washing and sanitizing by the hairdresser, clean-ups, and fumigation of space before and after the services, and more. Close-contact haircare processes will be replaced with minimal touch equipment. Keratin treatments, cleaning, scrubbing, and massage will be carried out using equipment developed by industrial brands. Ideally, anything that touches the skin must be sterilized. Hair salons in Malaysia have been equipped with protective gear for their teams and training them on how to use them and how to adapt to the 'new normal.'

According to the guidelines approved by the Government, by maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and disinfection procedures, we follow protocols and guidance to ensure the health of our employees and clients. Here at Hairatelier, unlike anything else you've ever seen, we promise a unique experience. We use unique methods to obtain outstanding results for the hair. We're remaining up to date with all the industry's ever-changing standards, processes, and trends.
To know more, visit our official website_

Why you must visit the Hair Salon in KL
Taking some time to indulge in haircare will make much difference in your ability to relax, develop circulation, and lead to better health and well-being. At Hairatelier the hair salon in KL, we know how important it is to pamper our clients. Hair salons offer customers a variety of advantages. The advantages of frequent visits to a hair salon reach beyond a simple cut or color, from professional hair care to relaxation. Here are some reasons why you should make your appointment today!

Top 7 reasons for visiting the hair salon regularly

1. Professionalism
Whether you're selecting a haircut or a manicure, services are provided by professionals who have practiced and trained for years in their field. They stay on top of the approaches and processes to make you look fantastic and also ensure healthy hair, skin, and nails. Moreover, many hair salons allow their employers to improve their skills, so they are always up-to-date on beauty standards, services, equipment, and techniques. 2. Wide range of quality services
Many hair salons in KL have a comprehensive range of facilities to take care of your body from head to toe. Hairstylists will provide haircuts, coloring, styling, scalp and keratin treatments, and other hair care needs. Salons also offer facials, manicures, and pedicures, providing it a one-stop-shop for relaxation and wellbeing. 3. You will get a fresh look
Sometimes, a fresh and new look is the best thing to change the mood. Stylists will help you to find your new style fresh or revitalize it. Such professionals may provide you with practical advice on the right colors or trends, and might recommend a brilliant idea that you might not have come upon on your own. 4. Helpful for the growth of your hair
By visiting the hair salon in KL on a regular basis to trim your hair, you help to promote your healthy hair growth. We suggest a visit to the hair salon every eight weeks for a hair trim. Let our professionals help you to get an ultimate hair trim that will help keep your ends healthy and help to promote your hair growth. It also offers professionals the ability to have access to your hair and whether you might be due to color or some other form of care. 5. Hair color stays vibrant
Regular visits to the hair salon will make sure that your hair color stays as stunning as ever. For root coverage and grey coverage, we consider a visit to the hair salon every four weeks. It also assures that your hair color stays excellent from the roots to your ends. At Hairatelier our professionals assure that your hair color is properly weighed. We weigh our hair formula here to assure proper color. We always keep a record of every client's hair color formula to assure proper color for every visit. 6. Professional products
Many hair salons have access to top-notch hair and skin items, and several deliver their favorite line of formulas that you can use at home. High-caliber goods allow you to continue to pamper yourself between visits to the salon. 7. Relief from stress

Undergoing a hair or skincare helps you to relax and take time off your busy day. Visiting a hair salon and spa frequently does a lot of stress relief wonders, making you feel relaxed and happier every day.

Some people feel that every hairstyle is ok as long as it doesn't make them resemble terrible. Your preferred hairstyle has to suit your lifestyle. The perfect hairstyle in your particular professions could also create a good impression. Exploring your hair by styling it once in a while is not a bad idea! Our lifestyle is evolving. Then why hold the same old hairstyle? Why not try something different? The hairstyle you pick should match the shape of your face or, in other words, the shape of your face (such as a pointed face, a wide face, a circular face, etc.) You may have noticed that several people whose hairstyle doesn't suit their face at all. When we see a person like this, the first thought that comes to mind is what weird hairstyle they're keeping? So that right hairstyle is important. Hair Atelier is an award-winning hair salon, here we will provide you with the best and trending hairstyles which will suit your look with immeasurable care of your hair because you can not style your hair if it is not healthy or damaged.

Start visiting a hair salon on a regular basis will help your locks are flawless and stunning all year round. Here at Hairatelier, unlike anything else you've ever seen, we promise a unique experience. We use unique methods to obtain outstanding results for the hair. We're remaining up to date with all the industry's ever-changing standards, processes, and trends.

To know more visit our official website_

Get a fresh look with our new hairstyle designs
If fantasizing about getting a haircut throughout the lockdown side hasn't urged you to consider a profound change of look, you're in the exception. Overgrown bangs, split ends, unshaven beards, and grey roots are among them. If your hair growth has caused your life miserable during the lockdown, and also you are bored with that same old hairstyle then it is time to get a new hairstyle after this lockdown.

Months of confinement left many across the world needy for a hairstyle. In places like Malaysia, they'll have to wait a bit longer. To be too nervous to experiment with a trendy new look suddenly sounds ridiculous, so now we know how it feels to be absolutely deprived of access to the hair salon. A transformative hairstyle may also represent a fresh start, as with those visits to the hairdresser that coincide with a house relocation, the end of a relationship, or the start of a new career. And what better way to start a new life after lockdown than to get the summer new hairstyle 2020 with a visit to the Hair Salon? Top 6 trendy hairstyles that will definitely take over summer 2020


If you can't make up your mind whether it's going to be light or dark in the summer, 'bronde' is for you. The key benefits of such a hairstyle and color are a warm and glossy look that is achievable and low-maintenance, helping keep hair super healthy while providing light and shade for color and brightness pops.

2. Asymmetrical Bobs

An asymmetrical bob with a thick baseline displays healthy thick ends, and you can carry it either straight or with a wave. Try to switch your part line to the deep side for extra effect or go for an ever-contemporary, strict center portion. This is the perfect new hairstyle for the summer 2020 look after the lockdown.

3. Floaty Fringes

If you're considering bangs and don't want to take the entire plunge into the depth, try the solid number of Dua Lipa 's floating-over-the-eyebrow. This square shape is sassy, but it is also considered serious when it requires to be on guard. This is also the length and shape which you can play with. ;) You can blow it out smoothly, and it has a strong presence, or you can split it out, so it looks soft and clumsy. The bangs are Rockin!

4. French Girl Bobs

The French girl bobs are trending in this heating summer. This new hairstyle is wonderful because you can just wash-and-wear it. Allowing this air-dry is the best way to create a wonderful texture with this extremely stylish look, and it's perfect for the summer. Hair is all about shorter lengths and making things exciting this season.

5. The Mone

The 'money piece' is a shiny frame towards the front hairline that has been designed after foiling or lightening. This approach raises your complexion, makes your color pop, and grows very softly, with minimal upkeep or maintenance. We see that the money piece remains a major trend for the season ahead.

6. Lobs/ Long Bobs

The Lob season's coming! This look is wonderful and excellent for people who really love to wear their hair, and also want texture, and also the ability to wear it down. It's excellent in summer fashion, keeping the total look cool and stylish.

It has been approximately 3 months and you're probably buzzed concerning reopening hair salons starting on June 10 in Malaysia. It will never be the same again to get a professional hairstyle or any hair treatment since March 18 when the movement control order (MCO) took effect. The Ministry's SOP(Standard Operating Procedures) effectively allows hair salons to accept clients who have made an appointment and specifies that walk-in customers are allowed only if there are no other customers in the salon. Here's our implication of the SOPs and also the dos-and-don'ts for hair salons, beauty salons, and their clients.

•Hair salons can run from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., but clients can only be present from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. •Hair salons will be screened by each client before they are permitted to enter the salon, but those with a body temperature of 37.5oC or more must be denied entry. •You must always practice social distancing by maintaining one meter away from other clients while waiting for your turn and entering the hair salon. •Clients must wear face masks while also wearing a disposable haircut apron or cape is a must.

Our professional Hair Stylists at Hairatelier will help you get your contemporary style fresh or revitalize it. These professionals will provide you with practical advice on the most desirable colors or designs and may advise a great idea that you may not have come across on your own. Hairatelier is an award-winning hair salon in Malaysia. For more details visit our official website.

The best award winning hair salon in Malaysia
We aspire to be the best at what we do at the completely trendy hair salon in Malaysia, and we are happy that our experience in the hair industry is constantly being recognized. Our awards are wide-ranging and acknowledge our ability to make beautiful hair cuts, designs, and colors, as well as being an outstanding employer with a talented team. Our main aim is to ensure that our clients leave our hair salon with spa treatments, hairstyles, and colors they love, and we will strive to serve you the best in customer service and award-winning hairstyles.

We are the award-winning hair salon near you

Hair is an essential part of our bodies and our personalities, and it is important to take care of it. It's not simple, however, to do that on your own. From time to time, you'd need the help of a professional to make sure your tresses look healthy. And if you want to know about the best hair salon in Malaysia, you must read this article to find out more.

Choose a professional on the basis of their expertise

Men often make the mistake of confusing barbers with salons. The former is only trained to do simple haircuts, while the salon has the expertise and training to give you the new hairstyles to match your personality. Women profit from the salons because the hairdressers will work closely with them to give them a hairstyle that brings out their personality. However, that is only possible if your salon has the expertise you need to manage all sorts of hair and hairstyles.

Always stick to one hair salon

Don't switch between hair salons if you'd like your hairstyle to stay consistent. Pick the one that suits your needs, and then stick to it. Don't be drawn to two, three, or more salons because they have amazing discounts. Visiting a hairdresser on a regular basis will build a relationship that will help you communicate effectively what you want. Working with one expert is much simpler than trying to explain yourself to many others.

Your preferred hairstyle has to suit your lifestyle. The perfect hairstyle in your particular professions could also benefit in the production. Our award-winning hair salon supports to provide hairstyles that have invested many filmstars to attract a huge number of followers who try to copy their hairstyles like rock stars, sportspersons, actors, etc. After all, exploring your hair by styling it once in a while is not a bad idea!

The talented team at the Hairatelier hair salon in Malaysia is proud to offer an excellent quality of service to all of our customers and it gives us great pleasure to see you look and feel your best at our salon. We have won a number of hair salon awards, which are a further indication that we have some of the best hairdressers in Malaysia. Organized in 1989 by award-winning hairstylist Aaron Yap, Hair Atelier is a full-service hair salon performed to consistently providing outstanding customer fulfillment by offering unique personalized services, quality products, and friendly surroundings at an affordable cost.

We're taking this additional time during this MCO to give an intro to our wonderful team members.

1.Lenneth Lim - Aveda Global Fashionista Award Champion 2016

His creative mind has never failed to inspire us and we can never be more proud of him.

2.Sam Lai - Aveda Global Fashionista Award 1st runner up 2016

3.Terry Tan - Aveda Global Fashionista Award 2nd runner up 2017

4.Nick Tan -(Female most stylish hair design award winner 2018) Shiseido Professional Beauty Innovator Award - Top 10 Finalist 2018

5.Nick Tan - Female Cover Modelsearch - Most Stylish Hair Design Award 2018

6.Terry Tan - Aveda Digital Fashionista Award Champion 2019

Our award-winning hair salon Hairatelier extends a wide variety of hair services at reasonable prices, from the men's and women's haircuts and hair color services to cooling treatments and the exclusive event looks. Our expert stylists will assist you in obtaining the hairstyle and services that suit your day and life, whether it's a simplistic trim or a new look. Hair atelier advances high-quality haircuts from highly trained, professional stylists, for both adults and children. You're going to be sure to have an up-to-date, on-trend style that is perfect for you. From young to adult, everyone prefers to go for trendy hairstyles that can alter their overall personality decently. Investing in a professional hairdresser's haircut services would also help you fulfill your haircut demands. Many people are aware when it comes to going for a haircut because once the haircut is finished you can't cover it up and the hair loss on the scalp region can take months to reappear. So it's best to invest in a professional hairdresser's services and who knows about the latest haircut that can suit their clients’ face style.

Hairatelier is the best award-winning hair salon in Malaysia, here our professionals will provide you with the best hair styling services. To know more details about us you can visit our official website.

Wellness tips about COVID-19 for Salon and Spa near me
Stress has become a fact of life for people nowadays. To alleviate this burden, people have greater expectations of the personal care services they receive than ever before. When you are the owner of the Salon & Spa and assume that your client just comes to your place for a haircut, skincare or even a manicure, you're mistaken. People now make their visit to the Salon and Spa near me, not merely a form of adornment but a refined getaway. Personal contact is vital to your business, you can't provide grooming services, spinal improvements, or massages without touching your clients physically. Because of this, you might be worried about the effect COVID-19 may have on your business and try to build a strategy for the situation.

If that is you, know you aren't alone. In the presence of the coronavirus pandemic, salons, spas, massage studios and beauty clinics everywhere make tough decisions on what to do. We've compiled a few suggestions about what you may want to remember in the days and weeks that follow.

Effects of COVID-19 on salon and spa industries

Coronaviruses are a wide family of viruses which cause human and animal respiratory disease. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was first recorded in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019. There's a lot of anticipation and uncertainty about what COVID-19's next stages could have on society, both personal and professional. Salon and spa owners are also becoming more concerned about what precautions can be taken to protect their employees, their clients and themselves from the harmful effects of the virus. There is no approach to '100 per cent preventive.' There are, however, general rules that can be put in place to promote the safety and well-being of all people who walk in your sitting room. Planning techniques may also be built to predict the adverse business situations that COVID-19 creates. We advise that salon and spa owners, managers and team members work with openness and open communication to understand the virus 'specifics as well as build strategies to enhance healthcare and business protection. Here are some essential tips you should follow to stay safe

Team management in addition to COVID-19

Your team's health and well-being are very important. Compiled below is a list of factors and methods that should be taken into consideration by salon owners and managers, keeping the team and staff management in mind. The subsequent priority should be to draw up guidelines for COVID-19 to be followed by your team

Employee Safety Policy

Create a policy on staff illness which takes into account COVID-19. Ensure the framework has the following attributes in it: Provide appropriate instruction on the protection of infection for all staff members. Provide appropriate training to recognise COVID-19 signs for all team members. Ensure that the policies on sick leave are responsive and compatible with guidelines on public health and that employees are informed of those policies. Encourage members of ill staff to stay in the home. State Boards of Barbering and Cosmetology instruct that thorough hygiene and disinfection are required at all times from equipment and tools to countertop areas, service rooms, back rooms, reception areas and styling centres. Be sure to observe this strictly-also with an antibacterial cleaner wiping off busy areas.

Be compassionate towards employees who may need to stay at home if a member of the family is ill. Ensure a much more sensible approach for those situations than maybe usual.Research current human resources policies to ensure that they are compliant with existing federal and state employment legislation, as well as public health guidelines.Set a good example for instance. All the owners/managers of the salon will follow the above behaviour and practices.

Client management, with regard to COVID-19

At present, the health and wellness of clients visiting your salon is also a much-contested issue. A list of concerns and behaviours that should be taken into account by salon owners, managers and team members regarding client management and communication is summarized below. The initial goal will be to create instructions for your team to follow how to communicate with customers who may have COVID-19, but also to respond to specific customer queries/concerns about the policies of the company during this period.

Guidance on Client Health

The main aim here is to determine which action plan to execute the care of chronically ill clients, and how to convey health and business details to the client base.Ask clients to cancel their appointment inadvance if they feel unwell (you can do so by posting a note on your website or adding it to the message that clients receive for the SMS appointment).Provide tissue in various locations and add disposable no-touch containers in the workplace.Operate with your team to build clear answers to any client's queries and questions. For instance, what to do when asked what measures your company takes about consumer protection, or what to do to a client who is worried about the health of a nearby client.

The development of new steps to ensure that clients and staff are and stay safe is presumably what you should have looked at first. Yet it's also completely understandable you're concerned about your salon and spa’s future. While we can not predict what will happen in the coming weeks and months, along with your team, make a plan for how COVID-19 will be dealt with in the salon or spa near me. Write an email dedicated to encouraging clients. Explain that your business takes the steps and measures required to keep everyone safe and secure when they're in your lounge. Although some salons might want to hold on to their company database a little longer before sending a blast
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Secrets About Personal Style Image Consulting You Should Know
Some people fall into one of three categories. The first kind of people knows what a stylist or image consultant wants, but sees them as people who only deal with celebrities. The second kind of people have no concept what a personal style image consulting is or it does not even exist, and the third kind of people has either worked with or consulted a stylist or was a personal style image consult-er. So many people know the importance of personal style image consulting, they take this part as important as having a doctor, an assistant or a personal trainer. So those who have no idea about this, here we will explain the top five secrets about the personal style image consulting. To know more you must read on.

So, first of all, you need to know in detail that what is actually a
personal style image consulting is. Personal Image Consulting is a profession of guiding, mentoring, educating and training people to manage their appearance-clothing, grooming, body language, and etiquette in order to create positive first impressions in order to gain more opportunities in life and to train them in soft skills to perform better when these opportunities arise. So here are the top four secrets all you need to know.

1. Modify yourself as you want to present your new self to the world

 The key to success in personal, professional and social life is to set up a positive picture to create a powerful first impression. Because the first impression is always the last impression. You don't get another chance to make a first impression. Everybody gets just one shot and they've got to make the most of it. When you waste your chance, you're going to have to work very hard to rebuild your reputation for a very long time. The fact is that the image of a person is a combination of a number of factors, just as the interior is a combination of several factors. For example: if you want to decorate your house you will consult with the interior designer because you want the best. So why don’t you go for a personal style image consulting to get the best version of yourself for your big day?   

2. You never need to look at your wardrobe and think, you don't have anything to wear

Although most people may have lots of attire, a sizable voluminous portion of them are archaic, don’t fit felicitously, need to be taken to the dry cleaners, or are items that just don’t go with anything else in our closets. A Stylist should sort your wardrobe and organize it in a meaningful way. They will take responsibility for your wardrobe and also they will decide which type of cloths suits your body type, what color is matching with your personality. You don’t want to regret later after buying the clothes, sometimes when you are not sure what kind of outfit is right for you especially when it’s your big day, your image consultant will fix this problem for you. The client may also be accompanied by an image consultant to purchase clothes.

3. Appropriate body language and manners

Body language is one of the most important factors in visual communication and an image consultant advises the client on appropriate body language based on roles and occasions. Etiquette is a major part of creating an image. Correct etiquette in business and social situations goes a long way to creating a powerful image. The image consultant uses the appropriate label to take the client, whether it's dining, corporate. Knowing how to do these things is a good thing, and it's a great start. There is, however, a little more body language than posture and shaking hands. In order to make a first impression on others, it is not always necessary to strike up a conversation because you will be judged by how you sound, your mood, your speech, and how you act. That's why the way you carry yourself and your body language needs to be paid close attention. You will get these advantages by getting the proper guidance in a professional way by the personal style image consulting.

4. Dressing according to the shape of your body, variations, and colors

There are eight different forms of the body and many variants. Many people don't know about this. An image consultant is trained to recognize the shape of your body and recommend ways and means to combat negative variations and develop positive variations to produce an appealing image. Your body outline in the form of your body. Nevertheless, first recognizing your vital is also important, as much as understanding your body type is important. A personal image consultant will help you to make this easy for you. Then you will shine after wearing the right outfit which will suit your body type.


Hair Atelier is now the hair-style leading name. Jaya One Mall is the latest addition to their salon. Hair Atelier group includes a highly sought-after creative stylist team of Malaysia. Here you will get the best personal style image consulting according to your preferences. To know more about us, please visit our website.
Everything You Need To Know About Top Rated Hair Salon
Gorgeous and shiny hair eternally leaves a good impression, which is why it is important to have proper hair care. Good hair care also plays an important role in healthy hair and helps to prevent extensive damage that could contribute to hair loss.Top rated Hair salons offer clients a variety of services. The benefits of frequent visits to a local hair salon extend beyond a simple cut or color, from quality hair care to relaxation.

Why you should visit the top rated hair salon?

Diversity of quality services:

The hair stylists will provide treatments for shapes, color, coloring, scalp among keratin, and other hair care needs. If you visit a hair salon for hair cutting or hair trimming,you can absolutely trust the team and the hairdresser there to do an excellent job.


When you prefer a haircut, the services are implemented by professionals who have trained and studied for years in their profession. Principally hair salons provide their team to maintain their training, so they're up to date on standards of excellence and wellness, cosmetics, accessories, and techniques.

Professional Products:

The top rated hair salons have access to top notch hair and skin products, and several sell their preferred line of specifications for you to use at home.The high caliber products let you maintain your pampering among salon appointments.

Boost your image:

Occasionally, a new look is the only thing to help the mood. Stylists will help you find your contemporary style fresh or revitalize it. These speci alists will provide you with professional guidance on the best shades or styles, and may recommend a fabulous idea that you may not have stumbled upon on your own.

Hair salons present cleaning, conditioning, strengthening, cutting, styling, and hair col oring services for both men and women. Numerous neighborhoods are gradually populated, but there are no businesses implementing the services and items that people want and need, including a hair salon maybe. A considered owner could tempt consumers with easy access, convenient parking, highly qualified workers and affordable prices. An owner in an under served association can get the benefit of the first mover and create a loyal clientele. It may be a challenging task to find the perfect hair salon near me but it is extremely important. It may be a challenging responsibility to find the top rated hair salons near me but it is extremely essential. Gorgeous hair plays an important role in confidence and a bad hairstyle can ruin your day or a couple of months depending on how many hats you own. You may be shocked that a daily salon appointment is a secret when it comes to maintaining your hair in excellent condition. So many people don't know about all of the advantages of regular visits to a hair salon. No wonder frequent salon visits will keep your hair in its healthiest state. We suggest every 4 weeks a trip to the hair salon to ensure that your hair is properly groomed and cared for. Whether it's a thick conditioning regimen or a shampoo and rinse. Allowing experts to systematically see you make sure they keep your locks as fresh as possible. You help to improve healthy hair growth by frequently visiting the hair salon to get your hair trimmed. Let the salon's professionals manage you to an overall hair trim t hat will help keep your ends healthful and help foster hair extension.

Professional Hairdresser is also important

You know you have an experienced hairdresser when they are the most requested in the hair salon. You can eternally say the best because they are capable of multitasking without harming the quality of their job. It guarantees they can make you feel confident and sexy while showing you the best reasonable cut, and engaging in an interesting conversation with you. You really get the most of your money by choosing a top notch hairdresser who can provide you the accurate cut every time, and at the same time make you feel immeasurable about yourself. If your hair is long or short, straight or curly, there is a good chance at some point in your life that you have been to a hairstylist. Hairstylists engage in a diversity of backgrounds, including movies, television and theater salons, spas, fashion shoots, and packaging sets. In most of the top rated hair salons, it is the responsibility of stylists to clean up their workstations and disinfect their tools. They also welcome their clients between appointments, assist with scheduling and process payments. Sometimes it can seem too difficult to find the best hair salon, you have an important date and you are in a rush and the last thing you can be confused to do is worry about which place can give you the most suitable and fashionable hairstyle.


Healthy and proper hair care are one of the most important things. No matter what the background is, people especially women of any age or culture they always want to look wonderful and want to have gorgeous hairstyles. Our objective at Hair Atelier is to make your dream image come true in the most relaxing atmosphere. Hair Atelier is an award winning
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Iconic Hairstyles: Hair Care For Short Or Long Hair
A little lovely comment from a folk makes our day wonderful. But life becomes more amazing when we meet the correct makeup artist and hairdresser. The hair is the most valuable ornament for women as well as men. Barber is also one of the latest trends in men’s hair cut that boosts up your confidence. Now, Hair Atelier is one of the leading names in the hairstyles for short and long hair in Malaysia. An award-winning hairstylist, Aaron Yap, founded a full-service beauty salon - Hair Atelier, in 1989.

Hair Atelier is dedicated to the compatible delivery of
hairstyles for long hair and short hair every customer's satisfaction by out-giving their excellent services and quality products and a pleasant atmosphere at an affordable price. Hair Atelier groups constitute a team of professional hairstyles. They provide services for women, men, and children. We provide different kinds of hair services for our customers which included cleansing, hair cut, hairstyles, hair coloring, permanent curling, straightening, and different kinds of hair and scalp treatment for short, medium, long and extra-long hair. 

We also have hairstylists from different kinds of levels like a creative stylist, leading creative stylists, directors, and creative director. We are using international well-known hair products from the US and Japan which are Shiseido Professional & Aveda plant-based products. With 20k plus satisfied customers over the country, this proof that they’re a trusted professional hairstylist team that you can rely your hair on, and this is also one of their biggest awards. 

The award-winning hair salon Hair Atelier have one and the only purpose, it’s to fulfill customer’s dream which has been part of their passion in serving each and every one of them. Hair Atelier team and Aaron Yap makes customer’s best fetish confidently. Therefore, Aaron and his creative and talented team have received so many awards in hairstyles for long and short hair. Hair Atelier recently won the PAMM international Cosmetology Award and Best Development Hair Salon Award because of using the best hair products. In 2017-2019, they got AVEDA Best Services Excellence Award for their best services. And also they got the HWT Prestigious Service Quality Award for their quality service. In 2011, they got Judge of Cosmobeaute Asia Award. 

In 2009 they are one of the Committee and Treasurer in Malaysia Hairdressing Association (MHA). And also the award winner of Aveda Fashionista Award, Aveda Digital Fashionista Award, Sebastian Xtah Competition, Shiseido Professional Beauty Innovative Award and Female Modelsearch Most Stylish Award. They were also the Finalist in Loreal Color Trophy Award and Sebastian Design Artist Malaysia and Guest stylist for magazines, press conferences, newspapers, online news and conducted hairstyles demonstrations, trend vision creators of Wella & Sebastian. They’re also the Color ambassadors of Aveda brand in 2017-2020. 

In 1996 onwards, they’re literally judged in many Hairstyles competitions and Barber competitions. They were a finalist of the Golden Scissors Award Asia Pacific and they achieve their very first award in 1993, the 1st Golden Scissors Award. An award-winning hair salon Hair Atelier by their outstanding fame has got too many interviews by nationwide newspaper and disclose on TVs such as NTV7 breakfast show and Nona, TV3 and in so many beauty magazines like Marie Claire, Wanita, New Tide, Style, Women’s Weekly, Citta Bella, H4U4ME and many other publications. They are very grateful and gentle by the impact they have to over numerous men women and kids each and every month to a year. 

They hope you all love their salon’s atmosphere and their services and they honor your recompose. You can always attain them by contacting their branches - Amaya Maluri (039288184), Danau Desa (0379833848), PJ Jaya One (0379557848), Sri Petaling (0390553980), MyTOWN (0392029948). You can’t monitor your hair, but your hair was a hoax on your head to always remind you to take care of your hair. You always have to remember one thing that life is not accurate as your expectation but you can make your hairstyles as what you desire. The hair artistry is a very effectual industry. It provides a complete accomplishment to everyone and when it comes to an award-winning hair salon, they solve every problem of their customer successfully. As the hairstyles industry is now developing very successfully, you don’t need to waste your valuable time to think about hair changes and image changes as they will take care of it for you and provide you the best advice. The barber and hairstyles industry now is the most important part of your life and society. They help you to feel excellent about yourself and you can’t set any charges on that.